Community Event Ideas

In this post, we’ll go through some community event ideas for you to use. Community events are a great way to improve your local area and get to meet some amazing people that are right on your doorstep!

With my silent disco club, you can add an extra element to your event to really get the crowd going. If you aren’t sure what a silent disco is, check out our post “What is a silent disco“.

Lets dive straight in to our list with a:

Clean Up Event

Community clean ups are a good way to target and spruce up a specific area of your local area.

A lot of events are happening all over the globe. These are really beneficial in spreading the word about recycling and environmental issues.

They also have a huge impact on mental health for the participants as they can feel proud about the work they are doing in the community.

We sponsored an event in Skopje in December! Check out how it went:

Shout out to #cleanskopje for organizing the event!

Street and Dance Parties

One of our users is using the app to continue doing their street / block parties. Due to social distance requirements, letting everybody still listen to the music is more difficult using a speaker system.

Creating playlists and hosting a silent disco is super simple and detailed in our post “How to create your own silent disco“.

Community event ideas - Street party
Photo Credit @tomsekula

Community street parties are a really intimate way to get to know your neighbors in a relaxed chilled environment.

Not as common these days, but 100% worth organising. Having a silent disco element for the music means that you’ll also be guilt free and void of any potential noise complaints!

Community Outdoor Fitness Classes

Another member uses the app to hold outdoor fitness classes around London.

Its a fantastic idea. Keeps the classes spread out and your class members can have the full impact of the music playing crisply into their headphones.

Being able to hold the classes outdoors in a park, means that you don’t have to fork out renting a hall or some gym space.

You also get the outdoor benefits of fresh air, vitamin D from the sun and to meet some new people, also into fitness!

Check out this full guide on how to host and setup your fitness event!

Host a Virtual Birthday

Community event ideas - Zoom birthday party
Photo credit @comparefibre

In a list of community event ideas, this one is more of a family and friends. It is such a cool idea that I wanted to add it in for you.

We had a user create a huge 12 hour playlist on our platform. He used Zoom for people to be able to join in visually and my silent disco so people could listen to the same music as everyone else!

He was based in Hawaii, but hosting the event this way, he could have people join in from all over the globe!

One of our first events managed to get people joining in from 4 continents!

This is just a small list of events, but we’ll keep adding to them when some cool new ideas come through!

If you want college specific events, check out this list!

Host a local walking tour

Photo credit @kentarotoma

Live in an interesting part of town?

Why not host an event where community members walk around the area and learn about some specific history of the place!

No extra equipment needed and people can now join in the event by scanning a custom event QR code

Learn all about setting up the walking tour in this full guide!