Content Policy – Updated May 2022


The only files you can upload are music files – they all get converted to MP3.

Keep titles and descriptions of events friendly and professional – accounts found to not do this will be removed by me.


Music uploaded for events can only be heard while the event is happening.

Large mixes will be chunked into 10 minute chunks to enable better functionality for the listener.

For YouTube and SoundCloud mixes being added, copyright and usage is the uploaders responsibility, not MSDC.

Event Titles & Descriptions

Keep these friendly and professional.

These are used to help people know what to expect with the music at your event.


There is a Discord server going to allow easy updates on new app features and for the community to talk about cool ways to use the app and help it get better with new updates.

Join the Discord server with this link.

Wrap Up

Have fun and don’t be a dick 🙂

Treat everyone like a human. A lot of work has gone into making this and the community.