How dancing can help for depression

Dancing your depression away during the pandemic has been a much needed release.

Here at My Silent Disco Club HQ we’re always looking for ways to get people moving, even during the shit-show we’re currently calling “normal life”.

It doesn’t matter what your taste in music is, you’ll always feel better playing one of your favourites at high volume into your headphones and forgetting the world exists for those few minutes.

UPDATE: we’ve updated the app to make it even easier to host your own silent disco without any equipment! Check out this “how to” post.

Depressed dog not dancing
I am a sadness.

Why does dancing help with depression?

Well, firstly, it gets you moving and your blood flowing.

A light bit of exercise helps your brain release those good endorphins, so dancing, being arguably the most fun way to exercise will do the same thing.

“Any type of exercise is useful, as long as it suits you and you do enough of it. Exercise should be something you enjoy; otherwise, it will be hard to find the motivation to do it regularly.”

says Dr Alan Cohen

You don’t even have to do a huge amount, just 10 minutes raving out by yourself or with friends is enough to get your brain feeling better.

Dancing people not depressed
Shining happy clappy people!

Dance with friends for that connection

Dancing alone is all good and well, but dancing with a group of friends is much better.

Humans are social creatures, and even if you love alone time, there is nothing better than a catchup and letting loose with a friend.

Even if you don’t have the ability to see people face to face, finding ways to do this remotely has become more important than ever.

Nature + Friends + Dancing = Good Times

Ideas to get you dancing

So, saying “jUsT dAnCe” is not that helpful.

I personally feel massively self conscious if I’m dancing in front of strangers, and that is the same with a lot of people.

Why do you think night clubs are very poorly lit? It’s not to save the planet.

Dancing in the dark is not only one of the Bosses greatest hits, but its also a great event where you literally don’t see anyone else.

Once you’re in your spot, they turn off all the lights, so it feels just like you’re dancing alone, but you are also sharing that experience with a huge number of other good folks.

You can do exactly the same thing in your own home with a few mates!

Animal dancing in the dark
No, we can’t see you Brian.

Silent discos are another way to remove the anxiety of dancing in public. Having the music coming in through headphones means an easy way to block out everything, allowing you to focus solely on the music. Close your eyes, tune into those tunes and let your body move how it wants to.

Traditional silent discos are amazing, but we don’t all have access to the equipment.

If you use My Silent Disco Club, all you need is your phone and your favorite headphones! For small events, its completely free (bar a few stealthy adverts) so no big budgets needed.

Its all done over the internet, so you can host an event and people from all over can join in dancing that depression away!

You also have the added advantage of hosting many different types of events with the app, such as a walking tour, silent seminar or even a fitness class 🙂