Event Ideas for College Students

When starting at a college or university, events are a great way to break the ice. If you need some event ideas to get to know your fellow college students together, we at My Silent Disco Club have you covered.

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We’ve made a list of creative, cost effective events to host around the college campus. Some you would have heard of, some you won’t and some that are just two mixed together to make them more epic.

College Dinner Safari Event

Dinner Safari is a great college event ideas
Don’t do this ^

Have you seen the show “come dine with me“?

Its like that, but everyone cooks just one course. Nothing too fancy. The Safari bit is because you move from one college dorm room to the next for each course.

Simple – easy – fun and a great addition of event ideas for that college budget!

It works best with about 5 courses and about 30 mins per course. Chuck in some drinks at each stop and you’re good to go!

For extra spice: You can turn this into a little dating dinner safari. Just make sure everyone is single 🙂

College Bob Ross Paint Party

Bob Ross paint party event ideas
Just happy accidents!

This one is super fun AND you get to keep a memento of the evening!

Grab a Bob Ross video from his YouTube channel, whack it on the TV. You’ll need some acrylic paint and canvases + a brush so this takes a bit more organising, but the nights are always amazing.

You’ll also get to see who the talented artists are in the group!

We did this while having a few glasses of wine to get the creativity flowing.

Mountain Bike Group Event

Mountain bike group outings are great ideas for events for students
Always check for loose nuts.

Go on a mountain bike ride with a group! If you don’t have some epic mountain ranges near you, then an alternate option is to do a pub crawl, on bikes 🙂

If you do have some mountains, pick some easy trails so that everyone can take part. Pick a pub or restaurant near the end so you can all grab some food and drink and chat about the day.

Adrenaline is a great way to build some connections with new people.

Want to make it even better? Mix in a silent disco for everyone! Make the whole ride a few miles longer so that you can get a good mix of cardio and music in all at once.

Guess what!? With the new app, you can do everything inside the app! Check out our guide on how to silent disco without any rental equipment.

College Hike Event

Hikes are a great event for students
Oooooooooooh waterfall!

Sticking with the nature theme, organise a hike to a near by waterfall / bridge / mountain peak.

Easy, free and a great bit of exercise for the day. Hikes are great because you can choose the length. A quick 2 hours, or go all out on an overnight hike and sleep out in the open, under the stars!

Always the possibility to add in a silent disco now, as you can host them anywhere with no extra equipment! Either on the day or save it for a party up the mountain!

Campus Picnic

Picnics are are great event ideas

As summer and spring coming up, a picnic in the park!

Get everyone to bring a dish so that there is plenty to eat. Make sure you bring some blankets to sit on and maybe a football or frisbee. A little out portable speaker to add some ambiance and you’re good to go!

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College Clean Up Event

We did one in Skopje mixed with a silent disco and it was epic!

Do good things for the community and organise a clean up of an area that could do with it.

College event ideas like this are great ways to give back to the local community and also to teach the local kids the importance of looking after your local area.

Mix in a silent disco so people have some tunes to clean up with and you have yourself a unique and fun event!

Find out more in this post about community events.

With these types of events, there are potentially a lot going on already that you can join up with. Doing so is a great way to meet some awesome like minded folks outside of the campus.

College TED Talks

Ted talk college event ideas
You don’t need to go this extravagant. Massive red TED is optional.

So, organizing a full TED talk event is a huge under taking, but, just think smaller and funnier.

Public speaking is a huge bonus skill in any job role, so practicing in a safe space is going to give you a big confidence boost.

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The topics don’t need to be complex or long, they can be on anything. Just make them 5 minute presentations and have some quick fire feedback after each talk.

Doing these on a regular basis is going to give you the quick feedback and practice opportunity to really see yourself improve.

Yoga / Meditation Events

Group yoga sessions with a meditation at the end might not sound like a huge bonding experience for the extroverts of the group, but if you’re more on the introverted side, these type of an events idea for a college meetup.

Smaller groups work well for these, maybe 4-5 people and finding some good paced follow along on YouTube videos are easy.

With the app updates, you can quickly add in your favorite meditation from YouTube and have everyone follow along at the same time.

Check out our how to guide on hosting an event without any rental equipment.


With all these event ideas for college, you can easily add that something something with a silent disco aspect!

With all the mess that happened in the last year, we all need to get back to re-connecting, safely, that is.