Silent Disco App Features


This page will detail all the features that the app and web player has to offer. I’ll also explain how to get involved using the app as a user.

How to join an event as a user

As a user, it’s never been easier to join a silent disco event. You now have 2 options:

  1. Via the free app:
    Download the free app via either Apple store or Google play. Open the app and click the FIND A DISCO button. Scroll or search for the event you want to join and click the JOIN button. Boom, you’re in.
  2. Via the web player (not available with live streaming events):
    You can go to a specific link provided by the host, or go to and click FIND A DISCO just like the app. Scroll or search like the app and click JOIN on the event you want to join in. Boom, you’re in.

Once in a disco / event, swipe left or right to change rooms and use the play and pause buttons to start / stop the music.

Event types

As the app grows, so do the types of events that you can use it for!

Music via Playlists – Standard

Uses premade playlists, allows up to 5 rooms of music. App host has the option to send out 5 second sound bites to everyone at the event.

Available in App and via Web player (audio snippet only plays back in the app)

Microphone Only

The host can use the app to speak to up to 250 people at in one event.

Available in App and via Web Player

Live Audio Streaming

Live stream from OBS (desktop) or Prism Live (app) to an event created.

Available only in app

Fitness Class

Create an event using premade playlists and (as a host) have the ability to speak to everyone at the event in real-time.

Available to listen on web player only – Host MUST use the app

Event pages

These are pages that you can share anywhere that will give your users details of your event and how to join in.

The QR code displayed will either be a direct link for people to join via the web player or a link that will take them to download the app via either Apple Store or Google Play.

QR codes are displayed via saving an event via the app only

QR codes

These are created automatically when an event is saved on the app.

They link directly to the event on the web player.

Design options

For any paid event (one off or if you have a premium subscription) you have the ability to customize the design of your events.

You have the ability to upload a logo or image which will sit at the top of the event screen.

You can also choose to not have an image at all, which will move the room title up. (playlist name will replace this in the actual event)

You can select the main background from the 9 available options.

Lastly you can choose each of the room gradients colors.

Design options