How To Create and Host Your Own Silent Disco Party – NO EXTRA EQUIPMENT NEEDED

Generally, you need a bunch of special equipment to host a silent disco party. Today, I’m going to show you how to host your own without any extra equipment other than phones and headphones for anyone wanting to join in.

UPDATE: The app has all this functionality! Check out this post to find out how you can create playlists and events all within the app!

Check out the blog post showing how we had people spread over 4 continents!

First off, you’ll need to register for a free account at

Once logged in, you’ll see the tutorial, but you can skip it as we’ll cover everything in this post.

Creating a playlists

Dashboard - Click Create Playlist
Dashboard – Click Create Playlist

Playlists are made up of of music files (mp3 and m4a work best)

Create playlist step 1
Creating your first playlist

Name your playlist – You can change this as you come up with better puns!

Tags – This is so you can add tags as to what music is on the playlist. This is currently just for your reference

Either add a YouTube or SoundCloud link, or upload a file directly from your computer

Add your SoundCloud or YouTube link – You can find a host of “free to use” music on SoundCloud (just keep the source links an attribution links filled in) and YouTube.

Note: Not all links will work, such as LIVE content on YouTube.

Choose music from your computer – This allows you to select a mix from your computer. You can have file sizes up to 50MB each, but you can have as many as you like.

They will play in the order from top to bottom.

To re-order them, you can just drag and drop them into place. Super simple!

Click on the top of the mix box, hold it down and drag to the order you want.

And to remove a mix, just click on the “X” on the top right!

Each mix block allows you to give kudos to the mix creator, so add a mix name (credit the creator) and add in a link to the original mix. This is necessary when using SoundCloud mixes and helps promote the original DJ.

Once you’re happy with your playlist, click “SAVE PLAYLIST MUSIC” at the bottom of the page

Create a party

Click the logo to get back to the dashboard, then click create a party.

Dashboard - Now you have playlists, create a party
Dashboard – Now you have playlists, create a party

Creating a party is super easy, the hardest party is finding the best name!

Fill in the title of your event
Step 1 is to name your party

After saving the title, you’ll be presented with 3 options for your event type. Free, One time (paid) or the option to sign up for a premium membership.

Select the party type, Free, On Off, Premium
Step 2 is to choose your event type

Free – Perfectly suited for those small, classic events.

You’ll have up to 10 people free, with the additional people just watching a quick advert to be allowed in to listen to the music. i.e. the 11th person to join the party, will watch a quick video advert, then be allowed to play the music.

You’ll also be allowed to have up-to 3 rooms of music.

One time full access – For just $5 you’ll enjoy an advert free event. You’ll also see how many people are in each room. This is updated live so it’s easy for people to see which room is currently playing the best tunes!

With any paid event, you’ll have access to use the microphone (only the host has this option) so that you can talk talk to everyone at the event.

Another option available, is a music-less event. Perfect for a silent comedy gig or silent walking tour.

Premium – At just $9 a month for full access events, this is perfect for someone holding regular events.

Along as all the benefits of the one time full access event, you’ll be allowed to have unlimited playlists, this allows you to have multiple playlists ready to so you can throw together an event at short notice.

You’ll also have the ability to restart events. This is a huge time saver if you are holding regular events.

Fill in the rest of the event details

Start time and Start date are just estimates. When you are ready to start the silent disco party, you’ll manually start. This way you can launch the music when you get a solid crowd at your event 🙂 These will appear on the party details card on the app when people search for available parties.

Event link – This is optional and just for your reference.

City / Location – This appears on the app when people search for available silent discos.

Event Description – Totally optional, but if you want to get people excited about your event, fill this in and it will appear when people click on an event in the app.

Drag a playlist into each room slot
Pick a playlist for each room

To pick a playlist for a room, hold down the left mouse button over the playlist and drag it into the room slot. When the room slot goes green, let go of the mouse button.

You can have 1 room, 2 or 3 for free events, or up-to 5 for a paid event.

Once you have filled in everything, click the save button.

TIP: For paid events, you have the extra choice to make the party Private, or keep it as Public, which allows anyone to join in.

Starting the party

At this point you will have created your playlists and added them to a party.

Now, the last thing is to actually start the party by clicking the button on the dashboard.

Start the party from the dashboard
Start the party from the dashboard

Once you start a party, people will see a “JOIN” button inside the Google and Apple apps.

In the app, click join, then click on the play button and you’ll be sync’d to the correct place in the playlist, so everyone is listening to the same music!