How To Host A Walking Tour Using The Silent Disco App

In this post, I’ll take you through the steps to host a walking tour using the silent disco app.

This is just one example, but this could be a group guided meditation, small conference or maybe a virtual talk.

In this guide, I’ll be doing everything on the app.

Step 1: Download the FREE My Silent Disco Club app

It’s available through either store.

Link to Google Play store
Link to Apple app store

Step 2: Log in or register through the app

When you first open the app, you will see the logo and the “FIND A DISCO” button. You’ll also have the menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

Click the menu icon and then click on the profile block.

Then you’ll see an option to sign in or register. If you don’t have a free account, click on the register button and fill out the small form. If you do have an account, click the sign in button and sign in.

Forgotten your password: No problem, just reset it via the forgotten password page via the website.

You’ll now see your profile page.

Click the menu icon
Choose sign in or register
Profile screen

Step 3: Create a voice only / musicless event

At the top of the screen, click on the “+ NEW PARTY” button.

Select a title for your event and click “SAVE TITLE“. You’ll be able to change this later if you think of a cooler name.

NOTE: Special characters like commas and single / double quotes get removed.

Go to party screen
Add a title
Select free or paid

In this guide, we’ll use the free event level. This allows you to have a 30 minute voice only event.

If you want a longer walking tour (up to 12 hours) then you’ll have to select a paid option.

You can always go back and upgrade to a paid event later.

Fill in the event details, and select the MICROPHONE ONLY event type.

Lastly, click SAVE EVENT.

Choose the free option
Fill in the date and time of event
voice only event

That’s it for creating the event!

When you are ready to have your event, you’ll head back to the app and click on the START PARTY button.

Once it starts, you’ll have the JOIN PARTY button to click. This will take you to the party screen.

You, are the host, so your screen will look different compared to the users listening. You’ll see a button on the screen with a microphone icon.

Click it once to activate your microphone. Once active (shown by a green dot above the icon) you’ll be able to speak into your phones microphone / Bluetooth / wired microphone and this will get sent out to everyone listening.

NOTE: As the host, you will not hear sound coming out of your device.

Click it again to turn off you microphone.

As a user (everyone else) they can open the app and find the event as usual. Once they have joined the event, they will see a play button.

Users will click that play button and they will start hearing the host’s voice.

They can press the pause button to stop it.

Click JOIN
Turn on the microphone
Turn off the microphone
Listen in as a user
Pause listening as a user

And there you have it. All the steps to create and host a walking tour using the silent disco app.

There are a few issues that can arise, so here are a few tips to try and solve them.


Bluetooth headset disconnects?

Your Bluetooth headset will disconnect when the phone goes to sleep. It will automatically reconnect after a second or two.
If it doesn’t, wake your phone up to see if that works.

The listeners can’t hear me

This can happen if there is any instability in the internet connection you are using. You’ll want a connection speed of at least 10MBPS.
This issue can affect both host and users.
The app will attempt to reconnect, but if it keeps failing there will be a warning that pops up.