How To Lead A Guided Meditation with The Silent Disco App

Hello you meditation guru! Have you wondered about leading your own guided meditation? With silent disco’s fitness class event type you can do exactly that!

In this guide I’ll take you through each step to creating a guided meditation event.

With this event type you can choose your own meditation playlist to play in the background while you guide your listeners through your custom meditation, live.

Best of all, it’s FREE for events up to 30 mins!

Download the free app

It’s available through both app stores.

Link to Google Play store
Link to Apple app store

Create an account for free or login

Once the app has downloaded and installed on your phone, open it and click the menu icon and then click on the profile block.

You’ll see options for registering a new account or signing in.

If you don’t have an account, click on the register button and fill out the small form. If you do have an account, click the sign in button and sign in.

Forgotten your password? Chill out and just reset it via the forgotten password page via the website.

Now you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll see your profile page.

On to creating you playlist!

Create your first meditative playlist

Now the boring bit is done, it’s time to move on to the best part any silent disco… the music!

Make sure you’ve clicked on the “music” icon to see your playlist section.

Next, click on the “+ NEW PLAYLIST” button.

You’ll now have an option to add a title to your playlist. Fill this in (this can be changed later when you think of a cooler, much more apt name) and click the “SAVE NAME” button.

After that is saved, you can move on to adding the music.

You can add your meditation music via a SoundCloud or YouTube URL. Go to the share options on either of those and grab the share link, or the full URL.

Create a new playlist without rental equipment
Save the playlist title
Add links to your music

Once you pasted in a link, click on the “+ ADD MUSIC TO THIS PLAYLIST” button.

A new block for your music will appear just above the import box. You’ll see some loading progress, then when it’s ready, you’ll see a play button, track details and a delete button.

NOTE: You can switch from the My Silent Disco Club app to the others, just don’t close it or your progress will be lost, or you’ll get some issues with some of the tracks.

Keep adding tracks until the playlist is the length of the event you want to lead. If it is a free event, you’ll only be allowed a maximum of 30 mins.

You are allowed to upload tracks of up-to 1 hour 30 mins or 150MB.

If you changed the name of your playlist, don’t forget to click “SAVE“. You can then click the “X” button to close the playlist creation screen.

Add music
Re-order your playlist
Save it and you're ready to go

Create your guided meditation event.

Now that you have the playlist for your fitness event, its time to add that to a party!

Close the playlist screen and switch to the party tab using the light blue switch on the top right of the profile page.

Now, click on + NEW PARTY and fill in the title, then click SAVE

Go to party screen
guided meditation
Click free event

For this fitness event, we’ll select the free version. This will give you all the functionality of a paid fitness class but the event will end after 30 mins.

Fill in the other details like location / timezone and a little description about the event.

Next select the Fitness Class event type.

Now fill a room or multiple rooms with your playlists 🙂

Select fitness class event
Add a playlist or two
Save your fitness event

Congrats! you made your first group fitness class!

Next step is to start and join it.

Note: You as the host must use the app, whilst all the people that join can join via the app (redirected to a browser link) or go directly to a custom link opened in any browser.

Start the fitness event
Start the event
Join the fitness event
Join the event

When you as the host click play, you’ll see the microphone dot color change. red means off, orange means connecting and green means connected.

Click play to listen to the music and activate your microphone
Mic light green - lock screen on the right
User view of fitness event

As the host, to keep the microphone functionality working properly, you need to keep the phone active. The app does that for you, but to make sure you don’t click any buttons by accident and want to keep your phone in your pocket, use the lock screen slider on the right. Just slide the key over the lock 🙂

Important things to know!

QR code and event link

Once you create your group fitness event, you’ll see that you have a QR code created. This links directly to your event so your users don’t have to search for them.

You also have a link to a custom events page – this just gives more details about your event and you can share it on social media etc. The QR code on the events page is the same QR code that you can download.

If you have connection issues

For the host, if the connection issue of the microphone is bad, its best to close the app and join your party again.

If you do lock your phone by accident and then get connection issues, its best to close the app and join in again.

For users, they can reload the page and click play again.

For best results, having a connection speed of over 10MBS.

This functionality is new so any issues, please let me know via the feedback form or message button.