How To Use OBS Studio To Live Stream A Silent Disco

In this post I’ll go through all the steps you need to be able to live stream from OBS studio to the silent disco app.

NOTE: Due to some limitations, please be aware that there is usually a delay of about 1-2 mins from what you stream to what plays through on the app – we’re working on this though!

Want to stream directly from your phone? Check out how using Prism Live Studio

Install OBS Studio

OBS Studio is free software that streams out to streaming servers. It’s used and recommended by most of the big streaming services like Twitch and Facebook Live.

Follow this link to install OBS Studio and get started.

For a details of the steps, check out this video on YouTube.

Setting up a streaming event

Setting up an event ready to stream too can be done via the app or the website. For this tutorial, I’ll use the website but the steps are exactly the same through the app.

If you want to try setting up a standard event, check out this blog post on how to host a silent disco without rental equipment.

Login to the dashboard at If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one for free.

Next you’ll want to create a new party, so click on “+ CREATE PARTY”

Dashboard screen
If you don’t see this screen, click the logo to get here.

Next on the parties page, add a title, then click SAVE to move to step 2.

Add a title and click SAVE

Now you can select the FREE option. Paid events allow you to have longer events and you’ll also have the adverts removed.

Select the free event option

Next, fill in the date and time that your event will happen as normal.

Select the estimated date and time of your event

Now select the “Stream via OBS” event type.

You’ll now see that you can add a room to stream too.

Choose Streaming via OBS to show streaming options

Click on the “SET UP FOR STREAMING” button and add in a title for the room. This can be the name of the DJ streaming to that room or something else descriptive.

In the selected room you’ll see a value for Streaming URL and a unique Stream Key. You’ll need these two values for you OBS setup.

Set up your streaming rooms – you can have up to 3 with the free version

Once you add all the details to the number of streams you want and save your event.

Stay on this screen for now as we’ll need the details in the OBS stream settings section.

Setting up OBS to stream

Open up OBS Studio, then go to File > Settings

Select the Stream menu item on the left of the popup window.

Use the details from the party event screen to fill in the OBS Server and Stream Key fields.

For each room, there is a unique stream key

Click Apply and then OK to close the popup.

NOTE: To help with some common issues, start streaming your audio at least 1 minute before you start the event on the silent disco app. This will help with “no stream available” issues that people have been getting. We are working on this though!

You can tweak all of the audio settings and video (though no video will come through on the silent disco app so putting these to the lowest quality will help with your bandwidth)

You’re now all set for when you want to stream.

The advanced settings that have been currently tested are these:

If you find better results, let me know!

Starting the stream and silent disco

When you’re ready to start streaming to the event, make sure to start the stream before the event on My Silent Disco Club.

To start the stream on OBS, open the software and click on “Start Streaming“.

You can also set the sources of the streams in the sources panel. Desktop Audio is there by default and will stream out any music or sounds that you’d normally hear from your laptop.

You can tweak this to be a specific browser window or the desktop and your microphone for example.

Select sources and start streaming

Now that the stream has started, head over to the silent disco dashboard to start the disco.

Start the disco – from the website or the app

Once that has started, all there is left to do is to join in via the app!

Open the app, click on FIND A DISCO and click JOIN to load up your event.

If its a private event, you can use the search function to search for the name or code.

Once it has all loaded, click the play icon and enjoy the live streams!!

Final things

This is a very basic tutorial on how to stream via OBS to the silent disco app.

OBS has a huge amount of functionality that you can tweak and use and there are a huge amount of resources on YouTube that can help you use it all.

So far, My Silent Disco Club app only streams the audio, no video currently, but this may change in the future.

For any extra help, visit the Discord channel or start a conversation using the chat at the bottom right corner!