Make Money With Your Phone – Host a Silent Disco!

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone, but are there ways that you can use it to earn money?


There are multiple ways for you to earn money with your phone. You can add apps that help you with saving / investing money, play to earn games (earn NFTs and Crypto), fill in online surveys or earn affiliate money with affiliate schemes from certain providers.

With these options, you will be limited by how much time you invest and the rewards that the provider gives you.

What if you had an option that wasn’t boring and gave you the choice of how much you could earn?

With My Silent Disco Club you can host a silent disco right from your phone!

Create your first silent disco

It’s free to register for an account, just go to:

Or download the app and go to the profile page inside the app.

Link to Apple app store
Link to Google Play store

Once logged in, you’ll want to create your playlists.

Create a playlists

These are done via MP3 files (uploaded via the website) or adding links to SoundCloud links or YouTube links.

+ playlist
Add new playlist
Create playlist
Add in a title…
Add music
Fill in with a music link
Wait for it to load
Click “Add to playlist”
Re-order how you want
Once its added, you can move them
Save it
Click save to save it

Once you have 1 or 3 or 5 you can add these to an event

Note: Free versions of the event in the app will not allow you to password protect event entry

Create an event

In the app, click on the calendar icon to switch to your parties.

Go to party screen
Go to your parties
Add a title
Add a title
One off event
Select “one off”
Fill in the details
Fill in the details
Private event and password
Select private and password
Save the event
Add playlist and save

Now that you have your password protected event, you are now able to sell access to it.

A third party event booking website like Eventbrite, SimpleTix are a couple of options but there are a lot out there.

On those sites, you can create a scheduled event and set the ticket price to your event!

They take care of all the money handling and will allow your event attendees to pay easily with credit cards or PayPal or whatever 🙂

You can event allow attendees to give cash at the door or the location of the event.

Choose a location

Group hike

Now, this is where you can get really really creative when thinking about your event.

Who thought making money with your phone could be so fun and limitless? Here are a few suggestions to help you get creative.

City walking tour – If you’re living in a city, why not have a walking tour around that city with everyone listening to awesome music without causing a disturbance!

Get out in nature – A park or a clearing up in your local mountains is another great way to spend a day

No location – Here’s a unique one. What if there isn’t a location? As everything is done via the internet, you can have your event as a virtual one.

Your options are pretty limitless actually, you just need a decent stable internet connection and you’re good to go!

…and that is how to make money with your phone!

So there you have it. All the tools you need to make money with your phone but hosting a silent disco. No need to hire expensive equipment.

If your tickets are just $5 (average price of a traditional silent disco are normally $10-15) and you get just 10 people, that’s a clear $45 profit!

We’ve had events that had around 150 guests! That’s huge potential for you to make a huge amount of money, all whilst having fun!

Not bad for playing around on your phone for a few minutes.

With more and more event types, you’ll now be able to find even more ways to make money via the app! Walking tours, Fitness classes or even a Silent Seminar!