Use Prism Live studio to stream from your phone to My Silent Disco Club

This post will be using the Prism Live Studio app, available on Google Play and Apple Store, to stream directly from your phone to an event you’ll create on My Silent Disco Club.

In a previous post I took you through the steps to stream via OBS to the silent disco app.

Lets dive in!

Setting up a streaming event

I’ll use the website to set this up but the steps are the same via the app, just the layout is a little different.

Firstly, login to the dashboard at If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one for free.

Next you’ll want to create a new party, so click on “+ CREATE PARTY”.

My Silent Disco Club - Dashboard
If you don’t see this screen, click the logo to get to your dashboard.

Then, on the parties page, add a title, then click SAVE to move to the next step.

Add a witty title, then click SAVE.

Now select the FREE option.

NOTE: Paid events allow you to have longer events and you’ll also have the adverts removed.

Select FREE option for this tutorial
Select the FREE type

Now fill in the date and time that your event will happen as per usual.

Fill in the date and time for your event
Fill in the time and date for the event – this is just an estimate

Select “Stream via OBS” event type – This allows you to get the streaming details you need for Prism Live Studio.

You’ll now see that you can add a room to stream too.

Select Stream via OBS
Select “Stream via OBS”

Click on the “SET UP FOR STREAMING” button and add in a title for the room. This can be your name or something else descriptive of the music streaming.

In the selected room you’ll see a value for Streaming URL and a unique Stream Key. You’ll need these two values to set up Prism.

Set up your streaming rooms – you can have up to 3 with the free version
Set up your streaming rooms – you can have up to 3 with the free version

Once you add all the details to the number of streams you want and save your event.

Keep this screen open as you’ll need the details – better yet, login and open the silent disco app so you can copy the details straight from there!

Setting up Prism Live Studio

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone or tablet, open it and login. You’ll need to allow all the permissions for it work.

There are alternative apps that do similar functionality, StreamLabs for instance, but through some initial testing Prism so far has worked the best.

Click Ready
Click Set Destination

There are a few ways to set the streaming destination, but the quickest is to just click the Ready button.

You can then set a destination – this is where you’ll need the server and stream key details from My Silent Disco Club website or app.

Select Custom RTMP
Use the server and stream key details
Now you can go live

For our set up you can choose the Custom RMTP, then fill in the details and click save (top right).

Now when that closes you can select Go Live.

What happens now is that everything playing on your phone (Spotify, SoundCloud, Mixcloud etc) + you can add a microphone to record your voice, will be broadcast to the silent disco event.

IMPORTANT: Start streaming before you start the event on My Silent Disco Club. This will avoid some issues.

Now that the live stream has started, head over to start your party.

Start your party

Now that everything is setup, everyone that wants to join and listen to the stream can via the silent disco app.

IMPORTANT: You as the host, will have to use a separate device if you want to join the disco as a guest. Your phone or tablet that is streaming needs to stay streaming during the event.

Additional settings in Prism Live Studio

As there is no video being streamed to the silent disco app (yet) feel free to reduce the video settings to the minimum as to save on bandwidth.

You’re free to conduct as many tests as you like so you can tweak and change settings to find what works best for your situation.