Silent Disco App – How do silent discos work?

How do silent discos work?

Traditionally you’ll need a venue, multiple DJs with music equipment, special bluetooth headphones for each guest at the event and electricity to run everything.

My first silent disco

I went to my first silent disco about 5 years ago in Perth, Australia. And. I. LOVED. IT!

Having the music playing through headphones made the music so much more intense. All the background music drowns out and its just you and the tunes.

I recommend slipping the headphones off for a second and just listening to shuffling feet and a few groups screaming Bon Jovi at the top of their lungs.

Bon Jovi!! What channel is that on?? *quickly flicks the headphones to blue*

How do silent discos work - Silent disco example
Austin Limits Silent Disco

Fast forward to now and I still love them. Every time I go, its an amazing night.

I went to one at a festival and there with my girlfriend at the time and we were pretty much the only ones in there.

Now, an empty bar is no fun, but an empty silent disco is still amazing. Its you and the music, loud AF with your mates.

Silent discos are super popular at festivals and for special events.

They are a bit limiting though. Why?

Because of the equipment issues.

How do silent discos work - Silent disco headphones
Headphones are specially made so you can switch channels – Cheers Pixabay for the image.

REGULAR Silent discos have core features:

  • Multiple DJs for multiple music channels
  • Transmitters to transmit the music
  • Headphones tuned into those transmitters so people can switch DJs

If you host a silent party, the initial outlay can be expensive because of the equipment and multiple DJs.

If you get 1000 headphones and 500 people show up, its still a decent party, but you’ve wasted a huge amount of money.

On the other side of that, if 2000 people show up, you can’t supply headphones to everyone because you only brought 1000.

So now you know how silent discos work, what if it didn’t have to be this way?

That’s right Mr Gosling from Crazy Stupid Love, the game hath changed!

Living in a small town now, near a beautiful mountain is amazing for mountain, small town stuff.


How do I get my silent disco to work here? The biggest city where they happen is 2.5 hours away by motorized vehicle!

Let me introduce – My. Silent. Disco. Club.

How do silent discos work - Silent disco Hawaiian shirt
Bring your own headphones!
How do silent discos work - Silent disco fancy dress
Bring your own phone!

We all carry around all the equipment we need to host a silent disco!

  • DJs– there are so many ways to get top quality music online now.
  • Transmitter – our phone with an internet connector handles that part.
  • Headphones – we all have them. People pride themselves on how good they’re pair is.

So now, with the help of you can host and have a silent disco anywhere!


How do silent discos work - Silent disco in a field
This was the turnout for the first event!
How do silent discos work - Silent disco bansko
We had blow up sofas, slack line and a bar!

It was amazing!

We’d planned a spot up the mountain, loaded the car to get the heavy stuff most of the way, everyone brought their own supplies and it was an epic party.

Read how we hosted a global silent disco!

If you wanted to chat, just slide the headphones off and you can chat. If you want to get deep into the Gouda cheesy 90’s playlist and wander around beautiful nature, then volume up and off you trundle.

Same with dance and classic bangerz playlists. All available with a quick swipe on the screen to switch channels (we call them rooms).

We’ve now had a few events and adding new features all the time to make this platform even better!

So what now?

Well, when you register, you’ll get enough credits to try all the features for yourself so that you can host your own silent disco.


Where does the music come from?

For now, we use the SoundCloud library. Its a huge range of music and perfect for combining mixes to give you hours and hours worth of music for your guests.

How do silent discos work with the app?

There will be one person who will organise the party. This means registering, and setting up the music.

Firstly, there is a video showing you exactly how to do that once you register.

Secondly, when the party is ready to go, they will be able to share a link to everyone that wants to join. That link is unique to the party that they created at

Lastly, when the party is ready to start, the organizer will click the launch party button and the music will start.

Everyone with the custom link can open it in any mobile browser and listen in to the music. Everyone will be sync’d to the same music.

Do people need to register to listen in?

Nope 🙂 Only the party organiser has to be registered to create the party. Anyone can listen in via the app.

Do I need to download an app to listen?

Yes 🙂 you can download it free from both app stores.

What does it cost to launch a silent disco?

You can launch discos for free, or if you want more options and functionality it’s just $5 per event or you can subscribe for a premium membership for just $9 a month!