Silent Rave – What are they and how do you host one

A silent rave is an awesome spectacle. If you’ve been to one then you’ll know how much equipment and effort it takes to host one.

What if there was a way to host a silent rave without any extra equipment other than getting people to bring their own headphones and a charged phone?

Allowing people to bring their own equipment saves you a huge up-front cost and takes the stress out of having to plan for how many people will want to join in.

What is the point of a silent rave?

People at a rave

Silent raves are like raves, but everyone is listening to the music via headphones.

This allows you to host a rave or go to a rave in nearly any location. Parks, museums, libraries, mountains or on a pub crawl, the limit is (nearly) just your imagination.

Having the music play into headphones increases the intensity. No outside distractions, just you and the music.

Silent raves are also a great way to get people together and, as a result, are known to help with depression and anxiety.

Does everyone listen to the same music?

Person listening to headphones

The main benefit (in my opinion) is that you can have multiple different music genres at silent raves.

With the silent disco app you can actually have up-to five rooms of music!

This allows you to cater for a wider range of music. People can still party together at the same time, just listening to music the prefer.

A “room” is typically a colour – red, blue, green, yellow, pink.

For each room you can have a playlist full of music. For example, the red room would be 90’s hip hop, blue could be beach house and the green room can be filled with guilty pleasures.

If two people are in the green room, they will be listening to the same music, but if one person switches to a different room, they will listen to the playlist in that room. If the other person also switches to the new room, then they will both be listening to the same music.

What do you need for a silent disco?

All you need is a mobile phone

All you need now is for everyone to have their own phone (with the app installed) and their own headphones.

Before, you would have had to have rented or bought very expensive headphones and hired DJs for each room.

Now that you can create everything with a simple app, you can create and host events in no time.

Did you know you can now LIVE STREAM your events? And for FREE? Check out this guide: How to stream to the silent disco app via OBS

Music is added easily via YouTube or SoundCloud links (upload your own mp3 via the website) and you can even shuffle playlists with a tap of a button!

The next and most important thing you’ll need is a location.

You’ll need to find somewhere with a good bit of internet coverage, but other than that it can be anywhere you want!

As all the music is played into headphones, you won’t have any issues with noise complaints or have to finish at a specific time due to people wanting to sleep.

To conclude

Gone are the times you need to hire expensive equipment.

We now have all the technology we need for a silent rave in our pockets.

What events will you come up with?