Virtual Silent Discos – Host Your Own Event

Virtual silent discos are now a thing! In this new age of social distancing, its become more of a challenge to stay connected, without actual physical connection.

But how do you go about creating your own, or taking part in one?

For a classic silent disco, you need to have the specialist headphones and some DJs spinning away in the corner.

In these social distance times, that doesn’t really work.

Using, you can get people joining your virtual silent discos using just their own phone and headphones from anywhere (with minimal internet). All they need to do to join is download the free app, then clicking the join button on the event.

You can now do all of this within the app!

Everyone listening to the same room will be sync’d to the same place in the playlist so you can all groove alone at the same time!

Learn exactly how to create a silent disco in this blog post.

Headphones make the music better
Headphones make the music better

How to create these virtual silent discos?

So if you can’t be in the same place, it needs to be online.

Cisco Webex is a lesser known tool but allows for 100 participants for an unlimited time. Its very business focused, but has great free limits so worth checking out.

Zoom is probably one of the most reliable, but for the free version, you get a maximum meet time of 40 mins. We had a member us this and our app for their birthday! Read about in our “Community events ideas” post.

Google Hangouts is free for as long as you want, but you have a maximum number of 10 participants, so this is a bit limiting also.

Skype might be the overall winner here for a more relaxed virtual gathering online. You can have up to 50 participants for an unlimited time. As Skype has been around for ages, people are very likely to understand how to use it and have it installed already. You can also run it directly from your browser!

Skype have the best all-round stats for free virtual silent disco hangouts
Skype have the best all-round stats for free virtual silent disco hangouts

Promoting your virtual event

Events are cool, but what are the best ways to get the word out?

If you’re hosting an event for a small group, then a quick Messenger or WhatsApp group will probably be enough.

For a more structured event and to get new people involved, you might want to make an event on a different platform.

Facebook Events are a great start. Free and quick to setup they allow you to get some extra publicity for people searching for local events that are happening near them.

Meetups is another place to create events, though to create you do have to pay a monthly subscription.

Eventbrite allow you to make free events. You can charge for these events too with Eventbrite but you would have to pay to have this feature.

These would be the main 3 places to advertise and promote a virtual silent disco.

Did you know you can even do paid events in the app? Learn how you can make money via the app with paid events!

Get the event out there and make new virtual friends
Get the event out there and make new virtual friends


Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps you get your first or next event off to a flyer!

If you haven’t yet, register for a free account so that you can host your own silent discos!